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As scientists, we understand career development is difficult. That’s why RateMyPI.com was developed with the research professional and aspiring professionals in mind. You don’t start an experiment without a thorough knowledge base; why should choosing a principal investigator, collaborator, or employee be any different? It’s your career…take control of it!

About Us

Ruthercup Enterprises, LLC (dba RateMyPI.com) was founded in the summer of 2011 with the mission to provide research investigators a portal to develop their profession through informative choices of career opportunities, collaborations, research materials and community discussions. With a combined 30+ years of academic, biotech, and government research experience, we understand the rigors of career development throughout the scientific community.

Unfortunately, not all scientific investigators are created equal and some provide better building blocks for success than others. That’s why RateMyPI.com was founded. To provide a comprehensive database that allows you to choose your next principal investigator, collaborator, or employee with more certainty. These choices are often paramount to the success of your career goals.

It’s your career…take control of it!